Ridj-it's COVID19
and Protocol

Ridj-it takes the risks associated with COVID-19 seriously and wants to ensure that we can responsibly enable in-person events and adhere to guidance from State and Federal authorities. Therefore, Ridj-it has created this page as a resource to clearly articulate the steps that we have taken to reduce additional risk to our users and to the public. Furthermore, the page presents specific restrictions and expectations of users that we have currently enacted to meet our goal of reducing additional risk. We ask that you read through this page to understand the policies in place. Please reach out to advocate@ridj-it.com for any further questions related to Ridj-it's COVID-19-related policies.

Current level of operations

To convey the level of restrictions in place on events and to users, Ridj-it has created a new concept called "Ridj-it Operations Level." Levels are number 0 to 3, where Level 0 indicates the Ridj-it platform being fully operational with no restrictions events or to users, and where Level 3 indicates the platform being mostly non-operational with complete or near complete restrictions on events and to users. Effective April 8, 2022, Ridj-it will operate at Level 0 capacity, where in-person will continue without restrictions on events and to users.

Prior to April 8, 2022, Ridj-it had a set of policies in place as it related to events posted on the Ridj-it platform. These included a sickness policy that asked users to not attend an event if they were sick within two weeks of the event date, a cap on the number of riders per car for carpool bookers, and an agreement to participate in a post-event wellness check (then referred to as the "Ridj-it Monitoring Program"). Further, Ridj-it asked users to agree to a COVID-19-specific Terms and Conditions.

In light of guidance from the CDC, Ridj-it has decided to remove these policies. Going forward, we ask that all users continue to adhere to Federal, State, and other applicable local guidelines as it relates to COVID-19, when partaking in events posted on the Ridj-it platform.

Accessibility is one of the core guiding values behind Ridj-it, and as an extension of this principle, we are respectful of and sensitive to the varying opinions, levels of tolerance, and unique personal circumstances that individuals may have in their approach to COVID-19. Ridj-it has taken a proactive approach to COVID-19 with the vulnerable in mind, and policy changes are implemented only after due consideration is given to these folks. We will continue to monitor the risks posed by COVID-19 and be actively tuned into any change in consensus and adhere to relevant shifts in regulations.

Ridj-it Operations Level