Ridj-it's COVID19
and Protocol

Ridj-it takes the risks associated with COVID-19 seriously. As businesses and activities start to resume operations, Ridj-it wants to ensure that we can responsibly enable in-person events and adhere to guidance from State and Federal authorities. Therefore, Ridj-it has created this page as a resource to clearly articulate the steps that we have taken to reduce additional risk to our users and to the public. Furthermore, the page presents specific restrictions and expectations of users that we have currently enacted to meet our goal of reducing additional risk. We ask that you read through this page to understand the policies in place. Please reach out to advocate@ridj-it.com for any further questions related to Ridj-it's COVID-19-related policies.

Current level of operations

To convey the level of restrictions in place on events and to users, Ridj-it has created a new concept called "Ridj-it Operations Level". Levels are numbered 0 to 3, where Level 0 indicates that the Ridj-it platform is fully operational with no restrictions to events or to users, and where Level 3 indicates the platform being mostly non-operational with complete or near complete restrictions on events and to users. From March 21, 2020 to June 21, 2020, Ridj-it was operating at Level 3 capacity, where all in-person events were suspended for the time period. Effective June 22, 2020, Ridj-it will operate at Level 2 capacity, where in-person events will be allowed to resume with restrictions on events and to users

Ridj-it Operations Level

What are the current restrictions in place?

The restrictions in place on events and to users, as part of the Level 2 Operations Level, are in line with the guidance and phased openings of businesses and activity promulgated by the Massachusetts Governor's Office. Massachusetts was one of the most impacted states by COVID-19, and therefore its guidance are more stringent and precautionary, and since most events currently on the Ridj-it platform either occur in or originate from Massachusetts, we were comfortable with abiding by them.

Current restriction in place as of June 22, 2020

Event restriction(s)

User-related restrictions

Limit per event: Maximum of 10 attendees.

Social distancing: Must agree to practice social distancing (of six feet) where possible.

Carpool rider limit: Maximum of 2 riders per car (3 if including driver).

Masks: You must wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose for situations where you are unable to practice social distancing, including carpool. You agree to bring a mask to all events and wear it in case such situations arise.

In-state Carpool: Pick-up location and destination must be in same state.*

*We anticipate that this restriction will be removed on July 4, 2020

Sickness policy: You agree to not partake in any events if you were sick within the past 2 weeks, OR, if you were exposed to an individual who became sick within two weeks after event.

Monitoring program: You agree to participate in the Ridj-it monitoring program if you become sick after an event or we learn that you were exposed to another User who was sick in an event you attended.

As per the table above, these policies include setting a maximum limit of 10 attendees per event, instructing users to practice social distancing of six feet, and insisting upon wearing masks when individuals cannot maintain social distancing. Ridj-it has also enabled carpool capability but added restrictions to allow the practice of social distancing in close quarters and to diminish risk of spreading COVID-19 from states with high number of cases to states with low number of cases. These carpool restrictions include: maximum of two riders and one driver per car, and, limiting carpool to events where the destination and pick up location are in the same state.

Ridj-it will ask users to not attend events if they have been sick within the past two weeks, or knowingly were exposed to an individual who was sick within the past two weeks. Sickness can include, but is not limited to, prolonged flu-like or COVID-19-like symptoms, and does not need to include a positive test for COVID-19. This policy aims to reduce transmission of COVID-19 during the event.

In addition, all users must agree to enter Ridj-it's Monitoring Program, explained below.

Ridj-it Monitoring Program

Since Ridj-it events bring people from different households into the same event, we have implemented additional steps that allow us to manage and reduce excess risk. The diagram below is a decision tree that explains how the monitoring program works.

Decision Tree for Ridj-it Monitoring Program

All users will receive follow up emails at one week and two weeks after event to ask whether user became sick within the one- and two-week period after the event. If a user responds that they did become sick, Ridj-it will send additional emails:

  1. to those who attended the same event and may therefore be exposed (1st degree exposed)

  2. to those who attended another event within the same period with those who were exposed by the sick user (2nd degree exposed).

For the user who became sick and the people who attended the same event (1st degree exposed), Ridj-it will enact an automatic two week pause in events. Ridj-it will also offer the option to enter a two week pause in events to those who attended another event with the exposed within the same period (2nd degree exposed).

In addition, Ridj-it may be contacted by a relevant state's Department of Public Health with regards to suspected cases. To respect user privacy, Ridj-it will only disclose the minimal amount of information that is needed by health authorities, which may include either name, email or phone number. Ridj-it will not disclose date of birth. In the event that Ridj-it contacts or is contacted by health authorities, Ridj-it will notify the user of who called and what information was shared.

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